Hotel Amenities

Services we offer

     The hotel restaurant has around 50 seats, where you will be able to have a nice oriental atmosphere, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with a big choice of national Uzbek dishes. The highly trained hotel staff will be on hand to deal with any issues you might have and help you make the best of your stay at the hotel.
     Except for other outstanding amenities and services offered here, the hotel stands out in the city with its water filtration system and underfloor heating systems installed beneath the hotel room floors in order for our guests to keep warm during their stay throughout the year.
     The most exciting part is there is a special area on top of the building where you will be able to lie back, relax and observe jaw-dropping faraway objects in space by using Telescope. It is an ideal base for exploring the unique attractions of ancient Khiva both from the madrasa Minaret (Tower) and its special sitting area. This area is destined for those who desperately want to enjoy the life and hang out with buddies, lapping up the atmosphere.